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Dental/ Vision Insurance

Why choose Dental/ Vision Insurance?


Dominion National is a leading insurer and administrator of dental and vision benefits. Our management team has specialized in building innovative, cost-effective dental insurance programs for nearly 30 years. In partnership with FOP Benefits, Dominion is pleased to offer all active and retired FOP members, spouses, and their dependents dental and vision insurance on an individual basis.


Who might benefit from this program?

      Members who only have access to high premium plans, want additional benefits, or who have lost coverage for routine dental and vision care upon becoming Medicare eligible.

Who can participate?

      You and your dependents are eligible. Dependents include your spouse and unmarried children up to age 26, regardless of student status.

How can I sign up?

      Benefits can be accessed through Dominion National by calling 888-834-8070. Call to learn more about the plans available in your area.

How does payment work?

  • Payments are made monthly by debit to a checking account or with a credit card

What type of dental coverage is available?

      Several plan options are available that include:

  • No charge for routine semiannual cleanings, oral exams or bitewing X-rays
  • Dental coverage for over 250 services including fillings, crowns, root canals, orthodontia & more
  • Ability to see any licensed dentist, in or out of network (applies to some plan types)
  • Coverage and savings for eye exams, eyeglass lenses, frames and contact lenses

What type if vision coverage is available?

  • Extensive coverage for eye exams, eyeglass lenses, frames and contact lenses
  • Discounts on LASIK laser vision correction
  • Access to over 50,000 vision providers nationwide through National Vision Administrators


Have questions? Contact Dominion National Member Services at 888.834.8070


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